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Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsial'no-politicheskoi istorii (RGASPI)

[Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History]

Agency: Federal'noe arkhivnoe agentstvo Rossii (Rosarkhiv)
[Federal Archival Agency of Russia]

Address: 103821, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Dmitrovka (formerly Pushkinskaia), 15
Telephone: (495) 629-97-26; Fax: (495) 292-90-17; RdngRm: 200-40-34
Hours: M 12:00-20:00, W 10:00-17:30; F 9:30-16:00 (Summer [2006]: August closed)
Director: Kirill Mikhailovich Anderson (tel. 629-97-26)
Deputy Director: Oleg Vladimirovich Naumov (tel. 200-51-12; e-mail:
Head of Use Division: Galina Vladimirovna Gorskaia (tel. 292-59-51)
Head of Reading Room: Vera Stepanovna Levanovich (tel. 292-95-66, 200-40-34)

Reading Room 2 (Comintern Archive): room 413
Telephone: 200-40-48
Hours: MW 10:00-17:00, F 10:00-16:00 (Summer [2006]: August–mid-September closed)
Head of Reading Room 2: Larisa Ivanovna Reshetilo (tel. 200-40-48)

Reading Room 3 (Komsomol Archive)
Address: Profsoiuznaia ul., 82
Telephone: 718-69-85
Hours: MTuTh 10:00-16:00 (Summer [2006]: mid-July–mid-September closed)
Head of Reading Room 3: Galina Mikhailovna Tokareva (tel. 718-72-67)

Previous Names

  • 1991-1999 - Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii (RTsKhIDNI)
    [Russian Center for Preservation and Study of Records of Modern History]
  • IV-X.1991 - Tsentral'nyi partiinyi arkhiv Instituta teorii i istorii sotsializma TsK KPSS (TsPA ITIS)
    [Central Party Archive of the Institute of the Theory and History of Socialism of the CC CPSU]
  • 1956-III.1991 - Tsentral'nyi partiinyi arkhiv Instituta marksizma-leninizma pri TsK KPSS (TsPA IML pri TsK KPSS)
    [Central Party Archive of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism under the CC CPSU]
  • 1954-1956 - Tsentral'nyi partiinyi arkhiv Instituta Marksa, Engel'sa, Lenina, Stalina pri TsK KPSS (TsPA IMELS)
    [Central Party Archive of the Institute of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin under the CC CPSU]

  • 1960-1993 - Muzei K. Marksa i F. Engel'sa
    [Museum of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels]

  • 1992-1999 - Tsentr khraneniia dokumentov molodezhnykh organizatsii (TsKhDMO)
    [Center for Preservation of Records of Youth Organizations]
  • 1965-VI.1992 - Tsentral'nyi arkhiv Vsesoiuznogo Leninskogo kommunisticheskogo soiuza molodezhi (TsA VLKSM)
    [Central Archive of the All-Union Communist Youth League]


With the March 1999 Rosarkhiv reform, RTsKhIDNI was combined with the former separate Central Archive for Komsomol records, which since 1992 had been known as the Center for Preservations of Records of Youth Organizations--TsKhDMO. The consolidated archive was renamed the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History--RGASPI and now serves as the main depository for documentation relating to the history of socialism, the records of the CPSU and its predecessors, mainly before 1953, as well as the records of the Komsomol.

RTsKhIDNI was established in October 1991 on the basis of the former the Central Party Archive--TsPA IML, under the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, which was nationalized by the presidental decree in August 1991.

The origins of RTsKhIDNI (TsPA IML) date back to various prerevolutionary Bolshevik party archives and libraries in emigration. Former RTsKhIDNI holdings now comprise three major thematic structural divisions: (1) documents on the social and political history of Western Europe (17th-20th cc.), with fonds and collections of copies and originals documents from Western European archives, including collected documents of Marx and Engels and personal papers of founders of other socialist and labor movements in various European countries; (2) records on the political history of Russia in the modern and contemporary periods (late 19th-20th cc.), including records of the Russian Social-Democratic Party (Bol'sheviks and Mensheviks), the archive of V. I. Lenin, and records of governing agencies of the CPSU from 1917 until 1991, and personal papers are rich with documentation of Bol'shevik leaders.; and (3) records on the history of the international communist, socialist, and labor movements (1860s through the 1950s), including records of the First, the Second, the Third Communist Internationals (Comintern), the Socialist Labor International, the Information Bureau of Communist and Workers Parties (Cominform, 1947-1956). In March 1993 RTsKhIDNI acquired the valuable collections (200,000 units) from the former Museum of Marx and Engels, which is now arranged as a new Division of Museum Fonds. RGASPI also holds remaining museum exhibits as well as documentation from the former Lenin Museum.

Personal papers are rich with documentation of Bolshevik leaders, such as N. I. Bukharin, F. E. Dzerzhinskii, M. I. Kalinin, L. B. Kamenev (Rozenfel'd), S. M. Kirov (Kostrikov), V. M. Molotov (Skriabin), I. V. Stalin (Dzhugashvili), L. D. Trotskii (Bronshtein), K. E. Voroshilov, A. A. Zhdanov, and G. E. Zinov'ev (Radomysl'skii), and of prominent spokesmen of alternative RSDRP tendencies P. B. Aksel'rod, L. Martov (Iu. O. Tsederbaum), and G. V. Plekhanov among others. Additional groups of personal papers of Communist leaders received from the Presidential Archive (AP RF) during 1996 include those of S. A. Alliluev, L. M. Kaganovich, M. M. Litvinov, G. M. Malenkov, A. I. Mikoian, among others. In April 1999, RGASPI received most of the remaining Stalin papers from the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation (C-1).

Extensive audiovisual collections include photographs, films, and sound recordings. These include collections of photographs of delegates to congresses, conferences, and plenums of the CPSU Central Committee (1922-1976), photographic portraits of CPSU and Soviet state leaders (1918-1949), and photographs of Russian revolutionary and social activists. Motion pictures are particularly extensive regarding the life and activities of Lenin and include special collections of the "Living Lenin" and the "Funeral of Lenin." Among sound recordings are numerous recordings of Lenin speeches (especially 1919-1921).

The Central Archive of the Komsomol was established in 1965 on the basis of the archive of the General Division of the VLKSM Central Committee. In accordance with nationalization in 1991, the Komsomol Archive was transformed into a new center and officially renamed TsKhDMO in July 1992. As part of the Rosarkhiv March 1999 reorganization, TsKhDMO was abolished as a separate archive and its holdings combined with those of RTsKhIDNI as part of the consolidated RGASPI.

The basic holdings in the archive are the records of the highest organs of the Komsomol, including most of its congresses and conferences. Starting from 1919 protocols (resolutions) have been preserved of plenums of the Bureau and Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Russian Young Communist League (Rossiiskii kommunisticheskii soiuz molodezhi--RKSM, 1918-1924), the Russian Leninist Young Communist League (RLKSM, 1924-1926), and the Leninist Young Communist League of the USSR (VLKSM), along with their supplementary materials. There are also some records of Komsomol organs in the former Soviet union republics, and Komsomol committees of krais (kraikomy), and oblasts (obkomy). There are also records of Communist and other youth organizations, associations, and movements that functioned to the end of 1991, including the Committee for Affairs of Youth Organizations of the USSR, the Central Council of All-Union Pioneer Organization (1922-1991), and the Central Bureau of the Sputnik Youth Tourist Agency (1958-). In 1992 TsKhDMO began to collect personal papers.

RGASPI also holds a voluminous collection of photographs, sound recordings, microforms, and motion pictures (including videotapes), museum exhibits, and other materials from the former Komsomol archive.

N.B. Researchers should note that most CPSU records postdating 1953 are now held in the Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (RGANI) (before March 1999: Center for the Preservation of Contemporary Documentation--TsKhSD) (B-13). Komsomol records earlier maintained in the Center for Preservation of Records of Youth Organizations (TsKhDMO) are now part of RGASPI. Many important files from various CP agencies are still retained in the Presidential Archive (C-1).


Although most fonds in the archive are open for research, access is now restricted to some fonds previously open in the early 1990s. Only a small percentage of files from the Comintern archive remain classified. Most post-1941 records of the VKP(b)/CPSU CC International Department remain closed, although many Cominform documents have been published. Not all of the Politburo records received from the Presidential Archive have been declassified. Many personnel and other files relating to individuals are closed in connection with the law on personal privacy see the published RTsKhIDNI regulation on this matter Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RTsKhIDNI (1992), no. 6.

Declassified documentation from AP RF include supplemental materials of the Party Congresses (I-XXIII); most Politburo records through 1934, including the supplemental materials and "special files" for protocols of CC meetings from 1923 through 1934; and the protocols of Politburo CC meetings for 1941-1952. Some personal papers of CPSU leaders received from the Presidential Archive (AP RF), including those of Kaganovich and others, are now open for research. As of May 2004, many of the Stalin papers, and those of other CP leaders, that were transferred from AP RF in April 1999 are still not open for public research. Especially those that are still in loose folders are of limited access, but others are being processed, some with priority for various publication projects.

Researchers have the right to request priority declassification of files in connection with publication projects.

See Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii, no. 1 (1998) for a more complete annotated list of fonds that were declassified through 1997. The second and third issues (1999, 2000) cover files among the records of the State Committee on Defense (GKO) during World War II listed below. The fourth issue (2002) covers declassified records of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SVAG). The fifth issue (2004) covers some declassified parts of the personal papers of A. A. Zhdanov (fond 77, opis’ 3, 4) and N. I. Ezhov (fond 671, opis’ 1). The sixth issue (2005) covers declassified decrees of GKO for 1941–1945 (fond 64, opis’ 1). Electronic version:

A large percentage of files of the former Komsomol Archive (1992-1999 - TsKhDMO), now held as part of RGASPI, have still not been declassified, although some categories of files are open to researchers.

Working Conditions

Researchers using fonds from TsPA and most others acquired by RTsKhIDNI use the large RGASPI reading room on the fifth floor (Bol'shaia Dmitrovka, 15). Researchers can order up to 20 files per day, with some restrictions. Orders are delivered usually within 24 hours.

Researchers using Comintern records should note the electronic database including many images opened at RGASPI in June 2003, and can be accessed on computer terminals in the main reading room. Internet versions are now available at some libraries that have subscribed through IDC Publishers (see below). That electronic facility is also available in participating repositories abroad, including the Library of Congress (Washington DC). Comintern records are delivered in the separate reading room on the fourth floor (room 413). Orders (limited to 10 files per day) placed before noon are usually delivered the following day (within 24 hours), orders placed in the afternoon are usually delivered within 36 hours.

Researchers using Komsomol records from former TsKhDMO use the RGASPI Reading Room No. 3 (ul. Profsoiuznaia, 82). All fonds retain their previous numbers with the addition of the letter "M." Researchers have the right to order 10 files per day. Orders are delivered the following day, sometimes the same day.

General Guides

  • Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsial'no-politecheskoi istorii: Kratkii spravochnik. Compiled by Iu. N. Amiantov, Z. N. Tikhonova, I. V. Volkova, I. A. Ioffe, et al. Edited by Iu. N. Amiantov, O. V. Naumov, Z. N. Tikhonova, and K. M. Anderson. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2004. 352 p. "Spravochno-informatsionnye materialy k dokumental'nym i muzeinym fondam RGASPI," vol. 3. [Rosarkhiv; RGASPI] (Lib: MH)
    This most recent in the RGASPI series of reference aids (vol. 1--1993; vol. 2--1996), provides an up-to-date, comprehensive, but unannotated list of fonds in the various components of the archive. An introduction by Iurii Amiantov presents a short history of RGASPI and its earlier separate components-the Central Party Archive (TsPA/RTsKhIDNI) and the Komsomol Archive (TsKhDMO). The guide accordingly includes: a corrected and updated list of fonds for the 1993 RTsKhIDNI guide, an unannotated variant of the still unpublished guide to TsKhDMO, and a new list of archival and museum materials acquired by RGASPI (and earlier RTsKhIDNI and TsKhDMO).
  • Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii: Kratkii putevoditel'. Fondy i kollektsii, sobrannye Tsentral'nym partiinym arkhivom. Compiled by Zh. G. Adibekova, Iu. N. Amiantov, S. S. Ivanova, et al. Edited by Iu. N. Amiantov, V. P. Kozlov, O. V. Naumov, et al. Moscow: "Blagovest," 1993. viii, 201 p. "Spravochno-informatsionnye materialy k dokumental'nym fondam RTsKhIDNI," vol. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
  • Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii: Kratkii putevoditel': Fondy i kollektsii, sobrannye Tsentral'nym partiinym arkhivom/Research Guide to the Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Documents (Records) of Modern (Contemporary) History (former Central Party Archive). Compiled by O. V. Naumov, Iu. N. Amiantov, et al. Edited by J. A. Getty, V. P. Kozlov, et al. Moscow: "Blagovest," 1993. xxx, 221 p. "Russian Archive Series," vol. 1. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) Distributed abroad by REES, University of Pittsburgh.
    This first guide to the former TsPA provides a comprehensive list of all fonds and opisi within fonds (including those still classified), and notes about other available reference materials. The English edition is the same as the Russian (see above), but includes an English preface by J. Arch Getty with a helpful survey history of the archive and its holdings, and appended English-language annotations for fonds and collections of Western provenance.
  • Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii: Putevoditel' po fondam i kollektsiiam lichnogo proiskhozhdeniia. Compiled by Iu. N. Amiantov and Z. N. Tikhonova. Edited by Iu. N. Amiantov, O. V. Naumov, Z. N. Tikhonova, and K. M. Anderson. Moscow, 1996. viii, 405 p. "Spravochno-informatsionnye materialy k dokumental'nym fondam RTsKhIDNI," vol. 2. [Rosarkhiv; RTsKhIDNI] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    A detailed guide describing 240 fonds and collections of personal papers, supplementing data in the first volume of the RTsKhIDNI guide. In many cases the source and date of acquisition are indicated, as are other parts of the same individual's papers in other repositories within Russia and abroad, but these data are incomplete. The guide was started on the basis of an earlier guide to personal papers in CPSU archives, originally edited by Iu. N. Amiantov and V. V. Anikeev, intended as a third volume of the directory of personal papers Lichnye arkhivnye fondy v gosudarstvennykh khranilishchakh SSSR: Ukazatel' (1980). An appendix lists additional fonds and supplements to earlier fonds of personal papers received during 1995 from AP RF.
  • Series

  • Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RGASPI. Moscow, 2000-. 2 issues through 2000. [RGASPI] Continues Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RTsKhIDNI. [RGASPI] 

  • Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RTsKhIDNI. Moscow, 1992-1998. Irregular. 10 issues. [RTsKhIDNI] (Lib: MH)
    INDEX: No. 6 includes bibliographical-analytical data on the contents of earlier issues.

    Fonds of the former Komsomol Archive (1992-1999-TsKhDMO)

  • Ukolova, Vera Alekseevna. "Molodezhnyi arkhiv i ego fondy." Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RGASPI, 2000, no. 1(11), pp. 63-69.  
    Surveys the history and holdings of the former Komsomol Archive/TsKhDMO.
  • Ioffe, Irina Abramovna, and Khorunzhii, Viktor Vasil'evich (Chorunshi, Wiktor). "Das Jugendarchive Russlands." In Jahrbuch fur zeitgeschichtliche Jugendforschung: 1994/95, pp. 289-98. Berlin: Metropol Verlag, 1995.
    Surveys the history and holdings of former TsKhDMO.

Specialized Finding Aids

See the new directory Kratkii mezharkhivnyi spravochnik o mestakh khraneniia dokumentov po lichnomu sostavu, Vyp. 1 (2005) for personnel files in fonds held by RGASPI in electronic version at the website “Arkhivy Rossii”:

    Fonds of the former Central Party Archive (TsPA, 1991-1999-RTsKhIDNI)

      Microform Collections

  • Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State: Catalogue of Finding Aids and Documents. 3d ed. [Cambridge, UK]: Chadwyck-Healey, 2002. xviii, 90 p. Introduction by Jana Howlett. [Rosarkhiv; Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace] (Lib: CSt-H; DLC; MH) (Also listed under B-1 and B-13)
    1st ED.: 1995. xix, 88 p. with Supplement: January 1996. vi, 10 p.
    RUSSIAN VERSION of 1st ED.: Arkhivy KPSS i sovetskogo gosudarstva: Katalog opisei i dokumentov. [Cambridge, UK], 1995. 85 p.
    Electronic version available at the ProQuest website: Additional information is available electronically at the website:

    Many of the opisi covering postrevolutionary records were filmed in RGASPI (RTsKhIDNI) under the Rosarkhiv-Hoover project and are listed in the initial published catalogue of the microfilms. The English catalogue provides only an English-language list of fonds (in numerical order) for which opisi are available on microfilm, but the specific opisi are not indicated.
    The January 1996 Supplement (no longer available electronically) provides more details about the several series of complete files of documents (dela) available from selected opisi in fonds of the CPSU Central Committee
    (fond 17), Party Congresses and Conferences, Central Committee Plenums, and the Politburo. See the Hoover Institution catalogue of the selected microfilms from fond 17 listed below.
    Contact: Updated information is available from ProQuest Information and Learning Company, the successor company to Chadwyck-Healey. See the new website: Additional information about finding aids to some of the materials is available at the Hoover Institution:; E-mail:; phone: (650) 723-3563; fax: (650) 725-3445.

  • Guide to the Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State : Microfilm Collection, 1993-1996. (Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State: Microfilm Collection). Compiled by Lora Soroka. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Archives. 2000.  
    Provides a survey of the Hoover-Rosarkhiv microfilm collection noting the fonds in GA RF from which series of files are available on microfilm. On a more detailed level, provides complete opis, file, and film reel listings for the selected documentation from the records of the CPSU Central Committee and its predecessors (fond 17) available in the collection. More detailed catalogues covering microfilms from other fonds are in preparation, some of which are already available to researchers at the Hoover Institution.
    • Jewish-Related Socialist Holdings

  • "Poalei Zion Archive." Leiden: Inter Documentation Company (IDC), 1998–. 5,039 microfiches. Microfiche edition with separate printed guide and electronic guide on CD-ROM in Russian and English. [IDC-PT-1]
    ELECTRONIC VERSION: Finding Aid to the Poalei Zion Archives, 1917–1928:
    The microfiche edition contains the complete recently declassified extant files of the important labor Zionist organization in Russia, Poalei Zion (fond 272, 1917–1928), containing 758 files in three opisi that are filmed with the collection. There are documents of various Jewish political parties and organizations, along with writings and correspondence of prominent members of the world Zionist movement, and scattered newspapers and journals. A full-text searchable database based on the opisi is in preparation on a separate CD-ROM. Over half of the documents are in Yiddish (with separate annotations); 20–25% in Russian and 15–20% in Hebrew.

      CC VKP(b)/CPSU Documentation

  • Politbiuro TsK RKP(b)-VKP(b): Povestki dnia zasedanii, 1919-1952: Katalog. Edited by G. M. Adibekov, K. M. Anderson, and L. A. Rogovaia. 3 vols. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2000-2001. [Rosarkhiv; RGASPI] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    • Vol. 1: 1919-1929. 2000. 830 p.
    • Vol. 2: 1929-1939. 2001. 1198 p.
    • Vol. 3: 1940-1952. 2001. 1013 p.
  • Stalinskoe Politbiuro v 30-e gody: Sbornik dokumentov. Compiled by O. V. Khlevniuk, A. V. Kvashonkin, L. P. Kosheleva, and L. A. Rogovaia. Edited by A. V. Kvashonkin, A. Berelowitch, A. Graziosi, et al. Moscow: "AIRO XX," 1995. 340 p. [Tsentr sotsial'no-gumanitarnogo obrazovaniia MGU; Instituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici; Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    A publication of an important collection of documents revealing Politburo functions, meetings, and personnel during the 1930s. Introductory essays to various sections provide revealing source-study analysis of the nature of the sources involved. An essential handbook for researchers.
  • Pokrovskii, Nikolai Nikolaevich. "Istochnikovedenie sovetskogo perioda: Dokumenty Politbiuro TsK RKP(b) VKP(b) pervoi poloviny 1920-kh godov." Arkheograficheskii ezhegodnik za 1994 god (1996): 18-46. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    A detailed analysis of the Politburo records, with emphasis on the recently opened protocols of Politburo meetings found in the Central Committee records (fond 17). Provides important explanations about the Politburo recordkeeping process and the attempt to provide a minimum of information in the preserved records.
  • Dokumenty GARF i RGASPI o deiatel'nosti Sovetskoi voennoi administratsii v Germanii (SVAG) 1945-1949.
    Electronic publication:
    Lists the recently opened files relating to SVAG in CPSS records held in RGASPI. See also Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii (2002, vyp. 4, p. 141) about declassified SVAG records in GRASPI.
    • Comintern/Cominform Archives

    A description of the comprehensive electronic project covering the Comintern Archives is available at the "Arkhivy Rossii" website: The Incomka database was opened in the RGASPI reading room 27 June 2003 and is now available on the internet (partially free and partially as subscription).

  • International Project for the Computerizatioin of the Comintern Archhive (Incomka). Database.
    ELECTRONIC VERSION: (Eng) and (Rus).
    Copies of the Incomka data base have now been installed in many of the national centers that subscribed to the project in advance, including the Library of Congress (Washington, DC) and the Open Society Archive (Budapest), and are available in those centers on stand-alone computer facilities. The reference database is an edited electronic version of the archival finding aids (more than 20,000 pages of archival descriptions), allowing rapid computer searches using file descriptors, key words, and personal or organizational names. The Incomka data base is searchable in both Cyrillic- and Latin-alphabet Russian, as well as English. Incomka currently also includes scanned images of 1,059,354 pages, which is approximately 5% of the total volume of Comintern records, the originals of which are held in RGASPI.
    Other subscribers include the National Archives of France, Federal Archives of Germany, State Archives of Italy, National Archives of Sweden, Federal Archives of Switzerland, and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. Plans for on-line internet access to the database on a subscription basis are under development. There is no intention to include the files of the national Communist parties in the database of the Comintern Archives online (see those now available in microform below).
  • Anderson, Kyrill Mikhalovich. "Novyi oblik Arkhiva Kominterna," Otechestvennye arkhivy, 1998, no. 1, pp. 17-20. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    Describes the international project supported by the Council of Europe and the International Council on Archives for providing computerized reference access and scanned images for the Comintern Archive.
  • Naumov, Oleg. "O mezhdunarodnom proekte komp'iuterizatsii Arkhiva Kominterna": "Proidena pilotnaia stadiia" and "Metodicheskie osnovy podgotovki informatsii o dokumentakh Arkhiva Kominterna dlia vvoda v bazu dannykh." Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RTsKhIDNI, no. 10 (1998): 5-27. (Lib: MH)
    A description of the project providing electronic reference access and scanned images to various parts of the archive. Includes considerable information about the history and holdings of the Comintern Archive, with an appended summary of its structure.
  • Politbiuro TsK RKP(b)–VKP(b) i Komintern: 1919–1943: Dokumenty. Compiled by G. N. Adibekov, Zh. G. Adibekova, L. A. Rogovaia, K. K. Shirinia. Edited by G. N. Adibekov, K. M. Anderson, K. K. Shirinia. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2004. 960 p. [Rosarkhiv; RGASPI]
  • Shirinia, Kirill Kirillovich; Shakhnazarova, Eleonora Nikolaevna; and Adibekov, Grant Mkrtychevich. Organizatsionnaia struktura Kominterna 1919-1943. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 1997. 287 p. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    A fundamental study of the structural organization of the Comintern, its various departments and offices, with references to available archival materials in formerly RTsKhIDNI (now RGASPI). Includes a name index.
  • ["Komintern v Moskve: Perekrestok tsivilizatsii"] Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RGASPI, no. 2(12). Moscow, 2000. 79 p. (Lib: MH) 
    The entire issue of the RGASPI bulletin is devoted to abstracts of papers of the conference "Komintern v Moskve: Perekrestok tsivilizatsii" (September, 28-29, 2000) held at RGASPI.
  • The Cominform: Minutes of the Three Conferences, 1947/1948/1949. Edited by G. Procacci, G. M. Adibekov, A. di Biagio, et al. Milan: Feltrinelli Editore, 1994. xxvii, 1054 p. "Feltrinelli Foundation, Annali," vol. 30. (Lib: DLC)
    Russian Ed.: Soveshchaniia Kominforma, 1917, 1948, 1949: Dokumenty i materialy. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 1998. xlvi, 753 p. (Lib: MH).
    A major complete publication of the stenographic transcripts of Cominform conference proceedings. Two of the appendices are of particular reference relevance with a survey of Cominform records: Adibekov, Grant. "Something about the Sources" (pp. 1029-33) and Gibianskii, Leonid; and Yermolaeva, Rozaliia. "The Information Bureau of the Communist Parties: A Brief Survey of Collection 575 at RTsKhIDNI" (pp. 1035-46). The Russian edition is revised and expanded from the initial English edition.

      Comintern Archive—Microform Collections
      (with finding aids)

  • "Comintern Archive: A look behind the scenes on microfiche." Edited by Kirill M. Anderson. Leiden: Inter Documentation Company (IDC), 1994-. Microfiche edition.
    Comintern Archive: Electronic Guide on CD-ROM. Leiden: IDC, 1998. (Lib: MH).
    Complete files of the seven Congresses and thirteen plenums (1919-1935) are available for purchase on microfiche. The opisi are available on separate microfiche and also in a key-word, searchable database available on a separate CD-ROM, with texts and indexes in German, Russian, and English.
  • "Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives." Compiled by John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr, Vernon Pedersen, Herbert Romerstein. Edited by John Earl Haynes. Leiden: IDC Publlishers, 2003. 326 reels. Microfilm edition. (Lib: DLC) 
    English-language finding aid, electronic edition:
    [Brochure]: Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives. Leiden: IDC, 200?. 4 p. Electronic version:
    [Guide]: Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives: Temporary register for the collection. Leiden: IDC, 200?. 84 p. Electronic version:
    The CP USA collection in the Comintern Archives (fond 515) includes 4,313 numbered files (dela). Documentation consists largely of the original headquarters records of the CP USA shipped to Moscow many decades ago, spanning the period from 1912 to 1944 but mostly dating from 1922 to 1936.
  • "Files of the Communist Party of Japan." Leiden: IDC Publlishers, 2004?. 132 reels. Microfilm edition.  
    English-language finding aid, electronic edition:
    [Brochure]: Comintern Archive: Files of the Communist Party of Japan: Unique, formerly classified documents. Leiden: IDC, 200?. 4 p. Electronic version:
    [Guide]: Comintern Archive: Files of the Communist Party of Japan (CPJ). Leiden: IDC, 2004. 46 p. Electronic version:
    The 616 files of the Communist Party of Japan (CPJ) cover the period 1919–1941 and include extensive documentation on the relations between the Soviet Communist Party and its counterparts in Japan, the Far East, Europe, and America (fond 495, opis' 127).
  • "Files of the Communist Party of Mexico." Leiden: IDC Publlishers, 2006–. 29 reels. Microfilm edition.  
    English-language finding aid, electronic edition:
    [Guide]: Comintern Archive: Files of the Communist Party of Mexico. Leiden: IDC, 2006. 49 p. Electronic version:
    The 231 files of the Communist Party of Mexico cover the period 1919-1940 and include extensive documentation on the relations between the Comintern and its counterparts in Mexico and other countries in Latin America (fond 495, opis' 108).

      Records of the State Committee on Defense (GKO) 

  • Perechen' rassekrechennykh dokumentov Gosudarstvennogo Komiteta Oborony SSSR (1941-1945 gg.). Originally published as Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii, vols 2 and 3. Moscow: Rosarkhiv, 1999-2000. 
    A detailed list of selected files within the GKO records that were prepared for declassification. However, as of April 2004, however, these files have not been declassified and hence are not open to researchers. Original issued as the second information bulletin on declassified files in the limited circulation Rosarkhiv series. The electronic version does not reference the earlier printed edition.
  • Biulleten' rassekrechennykh dokumentov federal'nykh arkhivov i tsentrov khraneniia dokumentatsii. Vol. 6. [Dokumenty Gosudarstvennogo Komiteta Oborony, rassekrechennye Mezhvedomstvennoi komissiei po zashchite gosudarstvennoi tainy: Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsial’no-politicheskoi istorii]. Compiled by G. V. Medzhlumian, I. I. Kudriavtsev. Edited by T. F. Pavlova. Moscow, 2005. 661 p. [Minkul’tury; Rosarkhiv; RGASPI];
    The sixth issue of Biulleten' (2005) covers declassified decrees of GKO for 1941–1945 (fond 64, opis’ 1).

      Personal Papers

  • "Leaders of the Russian Revolution." Edited by Jana Howlett. Cambridge: Chadwyck-Healey, [1993-1994]. A printed leaflet (7 p.) describes the collections. (Lib: CSt-H; DLC; IU; MH) Microform series.
    ---: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection. 33 p.
    Description available electronically at the ProQuest website:
    The TsPA collections of personal papers of selected revolutionary leaders are now available in their entirety on microform P. B. Aksel'rod, M. I. Kalinin, S. M. Kirov (Kostrikov), L. Martov (Iu. O. Tsederbaum), V. M. Molotov (Skriabin), G. K. Ordzhonikidze, L. D. Trotskii (Bronshtein), V. I. Zasulich, and A. A. Zhdanov. The opisi for each of the fonds are recorded on the first microfilm in each case.
  • Cohen, Yves. "Les lettres comme action: Stalin au debut des annees 1930 vu depuis le fonds Kaganovic." Cahiers du Monde russe 38:3 (July-September 1997): 307-46. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH)
    A revealing analysis based on the newly opened papers of L. M. Kaganovich, transferred to RTsKhIDNI from AP RF. Includes a survey of the papers and comments on other fonds of personal papers transferred from AP RF.
  • Iudinkova, Galina. "Novye postupleniia: Lichnye arkhivy RTsKhIDNI." Nauchno-informatsionnyi biulleten' RTsKhIDNI, no. 10 (1998): 28-41. (Lib: MH)
    Surveys newly received and declassified personal papers, with short annotations for those of CPSU leader L. M. Kaganovich, N. S. Khrushchev, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR A. I. Luk'ianov, T. Iu. Popova, neice of Iu. Martov, Ukrainian First CP Secretary P. E. Shelest, CP leader from the Ural region N. I. Ryzhkov, and O. D. Ul'ianova, niece of V. I. Lenin.