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Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Voenno-Morskogo Flota (RGAVMF)

[Russian State Archive of the Navy]

Agency: Federal'noe arkhivnoe agentstvo Rossii (Rosarkhiv)
[Federal Archival Agency of Russia]

Address: 191186, St. Petersburg, ul. Millionnaia (formerly Khalturina), 36;
(new building): Serebristyi bul'var, 22
Telephone: (812) 312-11-37; Fax:(812) 312-11-37
Hours: M-Th 10:00-17:30, F 10:00-16:30 (Starting in December 2005 RGAVMF is closed indefinitely for transfer to a new building [see below])
Director: Vladimir Semenovich Sobolev (tel. 312-11-37)
Head of the Reading Room: Nataliia Alekseevna Gots (tel. 312-90-54 add. 39)

Previous Names


The archive was established in 1724 attached to the State Admiralty Collegium for the collection and preservation of the records of the collegium, its expeditions and offices. RAVMF houses the complete records of the Russian and the Soviet Navies from the eighteenth century through 1940. These include fonds of central administrative institutions, commands of fleets and flotillas, naval educational establishments and scientific and research institutions, naval ports, shipbuilding and other navy yards, hydrographic and scientific expeditions, as well as personal papers of eminent navigators and naval commanders.


All prerevolutionary fonds are now open to researchers. Although most of the documentation of the Soviet period has been declassified (through 1942), some restrictions remain.

N.B. The archive was closed for researchers indefinitely starting in December 2005 in connection with the move to the new building. The archive will not reopen before 2008.

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