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Otraslevoi otdel fondov Federal'nogo agentstva po atomnoi energii (Arkhiv Rosatoma)

[Branch Division of Fonds of the Federal Agency of Atomic Energy]

Agency: Federal'noe agentstvo po atomnoi energii (Rosatom)
[Federal Agency of Atomic Energy]
Tsentral'nyi nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut upravleniia, ekonomiki i informatsii (TsNIIatominform)
[Central Scientific Research Institute for Administration, Economics, and Information]

Address: 101000, Moscow, ul. Bol'shaia Ordynka, 24/26
Telephone: (495) 239-22-20, 239-22-54 (Public Relation Center)
E-mail: (Federal Agency of Atomic Energy); (TsNIIatominform)
Website: (Federal Agency of Atomic Energy)
Chief of the Archive: Vladimir Vladimirovich Pichugin (tel. 239-41-07, 239-24-01, 210-00-51, 976-72-46)
Chief of the Laboratory of Keeping: Tat'iana Valentinovna Balabanova (tel. 239-47-67)

Previous Names

About Arkhiv Minatoma

The Archive of the Ministry of Atomic Energy has brought together records from a number of predecessor agencies associated with Soviet atomic development, which it maintains along with records of the ministry itself.


The archive is considered an internal agency archive that is not normally open to researchers, due to the secret classification of its holdings. Some of its files are being declassified in connection with the official publication project regarding the Soviet nuclear development provided by the 1995 presidential decree "O podgotovke i izdanii ofitsial'nogo sbornika arkhivnykh dokumentov po istorii sozdaniia iadernogo oruzhiia v SSSR": Ukaz Prezidenta RF ot 17 fevralia 1995 g., no. 160. Requests for access to archival materials should be addressed to the Ministry (in the name of the Minister) at the above address.