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Gosudarstvennoe geologicheskoe predpriiatie "Rossiiskii federal'nyi geologicheskii fond" (Rosgeolfond)

[Russian Federal Geological Fond State Geological Enterprise]

Agency: Ministerstvo prirodnykh resursov RF (MPR Rossii)
[Ministry of Natural Resources]


Address: 123007, Moscow, ul. 3-ia Magistral'naia, 38
Telephone: (495) 259-40-60; Fax: (495) 259-59-73; RdngRm: 259-47-67
Hours: M-F 9:00-17:00
General Director: Aleksandr Konstantinovich Klimov (tel. 259-40-60)
Deputy General Director, Chief Geologist: Anatolii Dmitrievich Fedin (tel. 259-33-01)

Tsentral'noe geologicheskoe fondokhranilishche (TsGF)
[Central Geological Fond Depository]

Telephone: 259-47-67
Hours:  M-Th 9:30-17:00; F 9:30-16:00
Head: Gennadii Aleksandrovich Shmonov (tel. 259-79-82)
Deputy Head: Natal'ia Nikolaevna Derevianova (tel. 259-29-17)

Previous Names

About Rosgeolfond

In 1991, the former All-Union Geological Fond (Soiuzgeolfond) association was transferred to the State Committee of Geology of the Russian Federation (Goskomgeologiia), and reorganized as the Rosgeolfond, with a network of territorial geological fonds (for republics, krai, and oblasts). Goskomgeologiia was later reorganized as the Committee on Geology and Utilization of Subterranean Resources (Komitet RF po geologii i ispol'zovaniiu nedr Roskomnedra). With the governmental reorganization of August 1996 the Ministry of Natural Resources was founded on the basis of Roskomnedra and several other agencies, and Rosgeolfond accordingly came under its jurisdiction.

The function of Rosgeolfond is the subject-oriented collection of records of geological research on mineral deposits located in the territory of the former USSR, dating from the early eighteenth century to the present. The Rosgeolfond archival repository retains specialized geological data on the development of geology and geological surveys in Russia and the former Soviet Union, including reports on geological expeditions, maps, reports of commissions, and special scientific studies. All of the documentation is divided between two repositories.

The Central Geological Depository Fond (TsGF) is unique in the country for its rich archive of records on mining industries and geological surveys of underground reserves over a 200-year period in imperial Russia and the former USSR.

The bulk of documentation under the Rosgeolfond Specialized Computer Information Center consists of "passport cadasters," i.e. registration surveys of the location of exploitable mineral resources (both actual and potential) and underground water reserves. There are also titular lists of geological prospecting, geological, geological engineering, andhydrological works.


Materials deposited in Rosgeolfond can be consulted only in the reading room with the permission of the directors. A formal written request should indicate the subject and goals of research, and the specific data and nature of access required. Access to geological data from the territory of the former non-Russian union republics require verification of a contractual agreement between the prospective utilizing organization and the creator of the given materials.

Materials involving gravimetric research are communicated only by special permission of higher authorities in the Ministry.

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