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Tsentr gidrometeorologicherskikh dannykh (TsGMD)

[Center for Hydrometeorological Data]

Agency: Federal'naia sluzhba Rossii po gidrometeorologii i monitoringu okruzhaiushchei sredy (Rosgidromet)
[Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Environmental Conditions]
Vserossiiskii nauchno-issledovatel'skii institut gidrometeorologicheskoi informatsii - Mirovoi tsentr dannykh (VNIIGMI-MTsD)
[All-Russian Scientific Research Institute on Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center]

Address: 249035, Kaluzhskaia oblast', Obninsk, ul. Koroleva, 6
Telephone: (office): (495) 255-21-94, 255-23-93, (08-439)7-49-30;
Fax: (495) 255-22-25
Hours: M-F 9:00-17:00
Director VNIIGMI-MTsD: Marsel' Zarifovich Shaimardanov (tel. 255-21-94, [08-439] 7-41-81; e-mail:
Chief, Center for Hydrometeorological Data: Idris Zakirzianovich Shakirzianov (tel. 255-23-93; [08439] 7-41-58; e-mail:
Head, Laboratory of the Gosfond Automatic Information System: Valerii Mikhailovich Veselov (tel. [08439] 7-46-59; e-mail:

Previous Names

About Gosfond

Since 1924 the Main Geophysical Observatory systematically collected and preserved the findings from instrumental observations for meteorology and magnetic fields. On the basis of those collections, the State Fond of Hydrometeorological Materials (Gidrometfond) was established in 1957. Gidrometfond subsequently collected many basic collections of hydrometeorological data that had earlier been deposited in regular state archives, and in 1980 it was renamed the State Fond of Data on Environmental Conditions (Gosfond) under the State Committee on Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Environmental Conditions. After 1991, the State Committee was taken over by the Russian Federation (Roskomgidromet), and was reorganized at the end of 1992 as the Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Environmental Conditions (Rosgidromet).

The Center for Hydrometeorological Data (TsGMD) was founded within the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute on Hydrometeorological Information--World Data Center (VNIIGMI-MTsD) with the aim of forming and maintaining the Russian State Fond of Data on Environmental Conditions (Gosfond) Legally, Gosfond is part of the Archival Fond of the Russian Federation but is administered by Rosgidromet.

Gosfond collects documentary complexes from observational findings, expeditions, and research in the field of hydrometeorology, aerology, agrometeorology, and monitoring environmental conditions. The documentation acquired (with some data dating back to 1793) was created from the central state agencies and those in Soviet union-republic and territorial administrations for hydrometeorology and monitoring environmental conditions (UGKS). There are also data from cosmic observations from space satellites and other sources.

Storage of documentation is decentralized among 26 fond divisions, administered by 24 regional administrations for hydrometeorology and monitoring of the environment (UGMS) and two scientific research institutions, and also encompasses 14 subordinate scientific-technical archives within the Roskomgidromet system.


Access to records requires a letter from the researcher's sponsoring organization addressed to the director of VNIIGMI-MTsD.

Recent General Guides

There is no published guide covering the Gosfond holdings.