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Tsentral'nyi kartografo-geodezicheskii fond (TsKGF)

[Central Cartographic-Geodesic Fond]

Agency: Federal'noe agentstvo geodezii i kartografii Rossii (Roskartografiia)
[Federal Geodesic and Cartographic Agency of Russia]


Address: 109316, Moscow, Volgogradskii prosp., 45
Telephone: (495) 177-83-48 (also fax)
Hours: MWF 9:00-15:00
Director: Gennadii Nikanorovich Egorychev (tel. 177-59-11, 177-81-31)

Otdel geodezicheskikh fondov
[Division of Geodesic Fonds]

Head: Tamara Ivanovna Loskutova (tel. 177-81-65)

Previous Names

About TsKGF

TsKGF was established as a separate agency within the Main Geodesic and Cartographic Administration of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR (UGGN GUGK SSSR) in 1939. The name of the fond has remained constant, although it has been subordinated to a number of different government agencies. From 1960 through 1967 it was under the Ministry of Geology and the Protection of the Underground, from 1967 through 1991 under the Main Administration of geodesy and Cartography of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and subsequently of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation. Since the end of 1992, it operates under the administratively separate Federal Geodesic and Cartographic Service of Russia (Roskartografiia).

TsKGF retains original astronomical, geodesic, topographic, land and field, survey, and reference maps; electronic data; and space photographs of the Earth's topography; and other maps of general state importance. The materials originated with different people's commissariats, ministries, and other agencies.

The Division of Geodesic Fonds also retains topographic and reference maps, aerial negatives, and other types of materials from topographic-geodesic work on the territory of the former USSR and Russia (maps, plans, plane tables, elevation lists, and other technical data).


Permission for access must be obtained from Roskartografiia by presentation of an official request on a designated form. TsKGF has some secret fonds that are not open to researchers.