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Tsentral'nyi arkhiv Ministerstva vnutrennikh del RF (Tretii otdel Tsentra reabilitatsii zhertv politicheskikh repressii i arkhivnoi informatsii Glavnogo informatsionnogo tsentra MVD RF) (TsA MVD Rossii)

[Central Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs]

Agency: Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del RF (MVD Rossii)
[Ministry of Internal Affairs]
Glavnyi informatsionnyi tsentr (GITs)
[Main Information Center]

Address: (Main Information Center): 117418, Moscow, ul. Novocheremushkinskaia, 67;
(Archive): ul. Zoi i Aleksandra Kosmodem'ianskikh, 5
Telephone: (495) 156-79-90;
Fax: (495) 129-22-70, 332-09-80 (GITs), 156-50-87 (Archive)
Website: (MVD Rossii):
Hours: M-F 10:00-17:00
Head of the Main Information Center: Iskandar Galimzianovich Galimov (tel. 332-31-77)
Chief of the Center for Archival Information and Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression: Vladimir Viktorovich Kozin (tel. 156-79-89)
Chief of the Archive: Natal'ia Nikolaevna Krivtsova (tel. 156-79-88)
Deputy Chief of the Archive: Tat'iana Vasil'evna Poletaeva (tel. 156-79-83)

Upravlenie informatsii, regional'nykh i obshchestvennykh sviazei

[Administration for Information, Regional and Public Relations]

Address: 117049, Moscow, ul. Zhitnaia, 16
Telephone: 239-74-26
Head of the Administration: Iurii Evgen'evich Shuvalov (tel. 239-51-82)

Previous Names

About TsA MVD Rossii

In 1955 the Central Archive was formed within the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR (MVD RSFSR), after its separation from the Archive of the KGB SSSR.

At the present time the Central Archive is subordinated to the MVD Main Information Center (Glavnyi informatsionnyi tsentr—GITs). Under that Center, the MVD also now operates a Center for Archival Information and Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression (Tsentr arkhivnoi informatsii i reabilitatsii zhertv politicheskikh repressii—TsAIiRZhPR), which was formed in 1992. From the beginning its purpose has been to organize and implement the rehabilitation of repressed individuals, and to furnish information about victims of repression to institutions, organizations, and individuals. The MVD operates a separate Administration for Information, Regional, and Public Relations for inquiries from mass media (see above).

Related centers are operative on lower administrative levels throughout the Russian Federation. For Moscow, there is an Information Center under the Main Administration for Internal Affairs for the city of Moscow (GUVD g. Moskvy) and the Moscow Oblast (GUVD Moskovskoi oblasti), and a combined center operates for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (ITs Sankt-Peterburga i Leningradskoi oblasti).

The archive retains the records of the MVD RSFSR (1955-1966) and the MVD-MOOP SSSR (1966-1991), in addition to a number of records from earlier NKVD-MVD agency operations going back to the 1920s. All these records, fonds, and collections have been accessioned to the archive from central organs of successive the NKVD, MVD SSSR and RSFSR and MOOP (Ministerstvo okhrany obshchestvennogo poriadka—MOOP) RSFSR and SSSR and their subordinate agencies. These include general institutional records, statistical materials, dossiers on former officials who served in central and subordinate divisions of the Ministry, criminal files, and records of operational activities of the MVD RF and its predecessors. It also includes the central NKVD-MVD reference card file that is estimated to contain 25 million cards on arrested and/or incarcerated individuals, dating from 1918 to the present.

N.B. Many of the archival records, especially those produced by the central organs of the NKVD-MVD SSSR predating 1960, are held by GA RF (B-1), including the records of the Main Administration for Prisons and Labor Camps (GULAG). Some general economic relating records of several directorates are retained in RGAE (B-6). Records of the Main Administration for Prisoners of War and Internees of the MVD SSSR (GUPVI) are retained in TsKhIDK (now part of RGVA—B-8). Fonds of the commands, divisions, and units of the Internal and Convoy Troops (vnutrennie i konvoinye voiska) under the NKVD-MVD SSSR predating 1951, are maintained in RGVA (B-8). Post-1951 materials are held in the Central Archive of Internal Troops of MVD RF (C-9).

The MVD also administers a separate archive for the post-1955 records of the Internal and Convoy Troops (see C-9).


The archive has no reading room and does not communicate documents to researchers, and none of the card files or other reference facilities are open for outside research purposes. The MVD is prepared to answer limited inquiries, depending on the level of secrecy of the documents or files involved, according to internal MVD regulations.

Inquiries or requests for specific information or documents should be addressed in writing to the Main Information Center indicating the purpose and concrete subject of research and the specific documents desired.

Inquiries regarding rehabilitation from repressed individuals and their relatives should be addressed to the Center for Archival Information and Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression. Citizens and representatives of organizations and institutions should apply to the archive with an official letter indicating the name and purpose of inquiry.

Inquiries from the press and cultural organizations should be addressed to the separate MVD Administration for Information, Regional and Public Relations.

Limited access records (or reports thereof) is granted according to MVD regulations.

Recent General Guides

A new short guide to MVD records in the archive was issued in late 1998, but it remains classified "DSP" (for internal use only), and has not yet been released to the public.

Administrative History

For the structure of those parts of the agency and its predecessors that dealt with the security police and related organs (1917-1960), in relation to the records created, see the studies listed under C-6. See also the important 1998 directory of GULAG and corrective labor camps under the NKVD-MVD with indication of archival records relating to them: Sistema ispravitel'no-trudovykh lagerei v SSSR, 1923-1960: Spravochnik, compiled by M. B. Smirnov et al; edited by N. G. Okhotin adn A. B. Roginskii (Moscow: "Zven'ia," 1998).