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Tsentral'nyi arkhiv vnutrennikh voisk MVD RF (TsAVV)

[Central Archive of Internal Troops]

Agency: Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del RF (MVD Rossii)
[Ministry of Internal Affairs]

Address: 107150, Moscow, ul. Ivanteevskaia (formerly Podbel'skogo), 5
Telephone: (495) 160-38-78
Hours: M-F 9:00-18:00
Chief: Boris Zaurbekovich Kantemirov (tel. 166-78-05)
Deputy Chief: Sergei Andreevich Lashkevich (tel. 160-04-33)

Previous Names

About TsAVV

The Military Archive of the Staff of Troops was established in 1923 by order of the State Political Administration (GPU) of the Staff of Internal Troops for the collection and preservation of, and research in the records of internal troop units, and their utilization for scientific and practical aims.

TsAVV stores records of the operations of the Chief Administration of Internal Troops of the MVD SSSR and the Chief Administration of the Command of Internal Troops of the Russian MVD, their administrations, troop formations, military-training establishments (1932-1988), troop units and institutions of the internal troops (since 1951), and the special escort units for security of important state objects (1946-1988). Moreover, this repository preserves the records of the Political Administration of the Internal Troops of the MVD SSSR and other political organs (1951-1991), as well as Party and Komsomol organizations in the separate units and regional (okruzhnye) administrations, and military depots.

N.B. Documentation predating 1951 has been transferred to RGVA (B-8). Those records are described, together with concise agency histories for the various troops and their successive organizations, in the 1993 guide to RGVA, vol. 2, pp. 299-346.


Access for military personnel and workers of the internal troops to archival documents is obtained by an official letter from the military unit or institution of the internal troops. Researchers and individual citizens can obtain access to work with documents through the submission of an official letter of request and the receipt of permission from the director of the Staff of Internal Troops.