*Arkhivnyi komitet Sankt-Peterburga i Leningradskoi oblasti (AK SPbiLO)

[Archival Committee of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast]

Agency: Administratsiia Sankt-Peterburga i Pravitel'stvo Leningradskoi oblasti
[Administration of St. Petersburg and Government of Leningrad Oblast]

Address: 191015, St. Petersburg, ul. Tavricheskaia, 39
Telephone: (812) 271-44-55, 271-40-28; Fax: (812) 271-75-61
E-mail: karchive@gov.spb.ru; orgarch@gov.spb.ru
Website: http://spb.rusarchives.ru (Archives of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast); http://spb.rusarchives.ru/akspb/index.shtml; http://www.rusarchives.ru/state/aycpblo/
Hours: M-F 9:00-18:00
Chairman: Anatolii Dmitrievich Iashkov (tel. 271-44-55)
Deputy Chairman: Elena Iur'evna Zakharova (tel. 271-11-35)

Previous Names

About AU SPbiLO

What earlier had been the Archival Administration of Leningrad Oblast and City Executive Committee (AU Lenoblgorispolkom) (1969-1991), starting in 1991, became a structural part of the St. Petersburg's Mayor's Office and the Administration (starting in 1994 Government) of Leningrad Oblast. In 1996, in conjunction with the reorganization of city government, the Archival Administration came under the Administration of St. Petersburg and Government of Leningrad Oblast. In addition to controlling the six state archives under its administration, the Archival Administration also carries out methodological guidance in records administration for city and oblast agencies.


For research access to the seven local archives under the control of the Archival Administration, a letter of application should be directed to the individual archive. The Archival Administration is prepared to consult with citizens and other researchers regarding holdings and research arrangements, and inquiries concerning documents or the location of specific fonds relating to socio-legal, biographic, or genealogical data.

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