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*Glavnoe arkhivnoe upravlenie Moskovskoi oblasti

[Main Archival Administration of Moscow Oblast]

Agency: Administratsiia Moskovskoi oblasti
[Administration of Moscow Oblast]



Address: 117452, Moscow, ul. Azovskaia, 17
Telephone: (495) 318-03-64, 110-59-75, 318-03-19; Fax: (495) 318-03-64
Hours: M-F 9:00-17:00
Head: Petr Mikhailovich Petrov (tel. 318-03-64)
First Deputy Head: Igor’ Evgen’evich Romashin (tel. 318-03-19)
Deputy Head: Vladimir Pavlovich Klestov (tel. 110-87-61)

Previous Names

  • 1999–2005? - Upravlenie po delam arkhivov Moskovskoi oblasti
    [Administration for Archival Affairs of Moscow Oblast]
  • 1991-1999 - Komitet po delam arkhivov Administratsii Moskovskoi oblasti (Mosoblkomarkhiv)
    [Committee for Archival Affairs of the Administration of Moscow Oblast]
  • 1961-1991 - Arkhivnoe upravlenie Mosoblispolkoma (AU Mosoblispolkoma)
    [Archival Administration of the Moscow Oblast Executive Committee]
  • 1938-1960 - Arkhivnoe upravlenie Upravleniia NKVD Moskovskoi oblasti
    [Archival Administration of the Moscow Oblast NKVD Administration]
  • 1931-1938 - Moskovskoe oblastnoe arkhivnoe upravlenie
    [Moscow Oblast Archival Administration]
  • 1929-1931 - Moskovskoe oblastnoe arkhivnoe biuro
    [Moscow Oblast Archival Bureau]
  • 1922-1929 - Moskovskoe gubernskoe arkhivnoe biuro
    [Moscow Guberniia Archival Bureau]

About Mosoblkomarkhiv

In 1961, Moscow city and oblast Archival Administrations were divided into separate administrative entities. The Moscow Oblast Archival Administration came under the authority of the Moscow Oblast Executive Committee (Mosoblispolkom), and initially retained both GIAMO and GAORSS MO under its jurisdiction, together with the branch of GAORSS which was established in Zaraisk in 1960. In 1963, the holdings of GIAMO were transferred to city jurisdiction and became the basis for the prerevolutionary division of the newly established Central State Archive of the City of Moscow (TsGA g. Moskvy) under the Archival Division of the Moscow City Executive Committee (Mosgorispolkom). In 1965 GAORSS MO was renamed the State Archive of Moscow Oblast, and its Zaraisk branch was moved to Bronnitsy.

At the present time under the Committee for Archival Affairs of the Administration of Moscow Oblast (Mosoblkomarkhiv) supervises recordkeeping and archives throughout the oblast. It directly administers TsGAMO and its Branch in Mozhaisk (see D-8), along with over 60 raion and municipal archives.