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Arkhiv Upravleniia Federal'noi sluzhby bezopasnosti po Sankt-Peterburgu i Leningradskoi oblasti (Arkhiv UFSB SPb)

[Archive of the Administration of the Federal Security Service for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast]

Agency: Federal'naia sluzhba bezopasnosti RF (FSB Rossii)
[Federal Security Service]


Address: 191194, St. Petersburg, Liteinyi prosp., 4
Telephone: (812) 278-71-10 (inquiries); 278-60-03, 278-66-69 (Division for Public Relations)
Chief of Administration: Aleksandr Andreevich Grigor'ev (tel. 278-60-03 [reception])
Chief of the Registration Service and Archival Fonds: Aleksandr Ivanovich Leont'ev

About Arkhiv UFSB SPb

The archive retains the general administrative and other records of the FSB Administration for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, which encompass those of successive organs of state security—the Cheka (ChK), OGPU, NKVD, MB, and the KGB—for the city and oblast (guberniia) of Leningrad, dating from 1918 to the 1990s. These include investigative and criminal files on repressed individuals during the Soviet period and other local records.

Among the various groups of records are the remaining administrative records, including regulatory documentation, correspondence, plans and reports of the local administration, and related files. Some records also remain of local city and raion security organs.


The archive is not open for public research. The archive answers official written inquiries from organizations on specific individuals and facts, and on occasion copies of documents are available for review. According to Russian law, repressed individuals or their relatives have the right to see related investigatory files or to receive copies thereof. Written inquiries from repressed persons or their relatives should be addressed in the name of the chief of the administration with request for documents relating to a specific individual or event.