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Gorodskoi i oblastnoi arkhiv zapisei aktov grazhdanskogo sostoianiia Sankt-Peterburga (Arkhiv ZAGS SPb)

[City and Oblast Archive for Registration of Vital Statistics of St. Petersburg]

Agency: Ministerstvo iustitsii RF (Miniust Rossii)
[Ministry of Justice RF]
Upravlenie ZAGS Administratsii Sankt-Peterburga
[Administration of ZAGS of the Administration of St. Petersburg]

Address: 191194, St. Peterburg, ul. Furshtatskaia (formerly Petra Lavrova), 52
Telephone: (812) 272-26-41; Fax: (812) 271-41-10 (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics)
E-mail: uzags@gov.spb.ru (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics)
Website: http://www.gov.spb.ru/gov/admin/otrasl/zags (Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics)
Hours: M-Th 9:00-17:30, F 9:00-16:30
Head: Zhanna Alekseevna Karpova (tel. 272-26-41)
Head of the Administration for Registration of Vital Statistics: Galina Ioakimovna Bogdanova (tel. 271-79-43)

About Arkhiv ZAGS SPb

The archive holds records of vital statistics for the population of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast from 1918 to the present, and also records from localities in parts of Pskov, Novgorod, and Vologda Oblasts that were at different times part of Leningrad Oblast (Guberniia) from 1918 to 1952: records of birth, marriage,divorce, death, or changes of family status, adoption, and names, as recorded in official registration books or files.

Parish registers (metricheskie knigi) from St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Guberniia before 1917 and from 1917 through 1920 have been transferred to TsGIA SPb (D-13).


The archive is not open for research purposes. Official inquiries by individuals for needed records may be addressed in writing or in person.